About Share the Bulb

Share the Bulb is a group of people—housed and unhoused—who believe that the solution to homelessness on the Albany Bulb is not eviction, but housing.


We need you to help build a base. JOIN US MAR 16 Sunday 12PM TO 3PM to collectLOVERS OF THE BULB TESTIMONIES phone numbers and chalking. HEAVY RAIN CANCELS. Call Orion at 510 541-3835510 541-3835 or email ohohorion99 AT gmail.com to help. Above all VISIT THE BULB and take your friends there NOW! also: submit […]

Bulb residents and activists march and camp against eviction

ALBANY, CA — On January 17th, residents of the Albany Bulb, activists and community members will march from Albany City Hall to an overnight campout on Solano Avenue, illustrating the plight of the more than 50 residents of the Albany Bulb, who, if evicted, would be forced onto Albany’s streets. On January 18th, activists plan […]

City of Albany Dismantle Bulb Shelter in Dead of Winter

Share the Bulb was dismayed at the City of Albany’s demolition of an Albany Bulb residence at 9a.m. on December 9th, and responded in mass in time to prevent another demolition from going forward. Albany Police and Albany Public Works arrived at the Albany Bulb on Tuesday morning and announced over megaphones that Bulb residents […]

Public Events and Solidarity Camp Persist At Albany Bulb

For Immediate Release November 29th, 2013 No Thanks! Festival Includes Film Screenings, Art Walks, Workshops, Etc. ALBANY, CA — Residents of the Albany Bulb and East Bay community members are once again publicly demonstrating their opposition to the impending eviction of the Albany Bulb, gathering for a four-day festival of film screenings, art walks, workshops, […]

Internment trailers an insult to Bulb residents 2

Share the Bulb condemns the City of Albany’s plans to evict the residents of the Albany Bulb and relocate them to 6-month temporary internment trailers that do not even begin to address homelessness in Albany. The Albany Bulb is a unique treasure in the Bay Area. It is a beloved center for public art and […]

Check out Paul Boden’s piece in the Oakland Tribune

[I]n May, under pressure from a small number of pristine-park enthusiasts, the City Council voted to start enforcing its no camping ordinance for the first time in years. They plan to cite and eventually jail homeless people for sleeping on the Bulb, starting this month. This will push many vulnerable and disabled Bulb residents onto […]

Open Letter to Visitors from a Bulb Resident 1

At some point (maybe tomorrow, maybe this week, maybe not for years), the Albany Bulb will come up as a subject of discussion before some political body, and that body will raise a question. That question might be, “Is this really the best use for the land?” or “Can this situation with the homeless continue […]

Losing Home in Albany

“It’s cold outside!” Amber Whitson is preparing to lose her home. On October 1, the City of Albany plans to force her and her small family (her partner Phyl, their dog Derby, and their cat Kitty Booty) out into the elements. As most of us could imagine, losing a home means more than just losing […]